Having worked with utility companies for over 22 years, OCG thoroughly understands the unique needs of the utility industry. Hard and soft surface restoration, environmental cleanup, trucking—we have done it all for major Michigan utilities like DTE and Consumers Energy. 


Years of maintaining and improving warehouses for major companies like Amazon has given us a solid understanding of the big box industry. Our repertoire of warehouse services include construction, rack repairs and installation, roadwork, painting, security, and more.  


At OCG we have worked closely with municipalities since 1998, serving communities throughout Michigan by repairing roads, improving lawns, beautifying neighborhoods, and more. We are well versed in city requirements, and our high standard of work ensures taxpayers are satisfied.  


OCG is a trusted partner of retailers and property owners throughout Michigan, and our network of subcontractors provides us with the resources to complete any commercial real estate job—big or small—from start to finish.