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Our Commitment
To The Betterment 
Of The Rising Generation

Making a Difference

Your support translates into tangible change. Our efforts include the needs of kids locally in Detroit and around the world, which is why, every year, we also fund the construction of an orphanage or rescue home for human trafficking in India and Nepal. 

Fostering Change

We proudly pledge 20% of our net income to support charities dedicated to helping young people, fostering a culture of social good, philanthropy, and impactful change. The longterm success of our society depends on the success of the rising generation.

That’s why the founder of OCG also founded The New Foster Care, to serve the needs of the most disadvantaged population among us -- kids aging out of foster care. Together we are building a better future for Michigan's next generation, especially those facing the biggest challenges.

OCG believes that the only time you turn your back on a kid is for a piggy-back ride.

At OCG, our mission goes beyond best-in-class construction; we’re building futures. Reaching deep into the heart of our communities, we are committed to social good, to serving kids, and that starts at home. That’s why the founder of OCG founded The New Foster Care, to serve the needs of the most disadvantaged population among us -- kids aging out of foster care.

Together we are building a better future for Michigan’s next generation, especially those facing the biggest challenges.



Many of us are blessed with opportunities in life, we do our part to help kids overcome the obstacles we never have to face. When you work with us, you get professionalism, great results, AND a partner committed to building a brighter future for kids in need. 

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Empowering the transition from Foster Care to adulthood.


Empowering people with disabilities to live a life of purpose.

Angel House.jpg

Each year, we pledge to build a new orphanage or rescue home.

House of Providence.jpg

Serving foster care youth and their families.


Mentoring outreach to youth in foster care.

West Side Christian Academy.png

Providing K-8 education to Detroit Inter-City kids.


Keeping children and families safe and warm.

Chaldean Community Foundation.jpg

Digging wells in Iraq to provide access to clean drinking water.


Providing education to shape young minds.

Autism Alliance.jpg

Enabling people with autism to reach their greatest potential.

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